Dear Jack and the J&J Crew,

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on our house. It looks beautiful and we are very happy with it. We especially want to thank you for your professionalism. We probably bit off more than we should have considering our lack of experience. You, Shelly and all the guys were considerate of our home, worked quickly with attention to quality and got the job done.

I hope you are proud of your work and your staff. Please convey our gratitude to your whole team. Thank you again!


Shana & Rich Lussenhop

We’ve all heard the horror stories, you hire a contractor to build your home and have nothing but problems… Not so with J&J Construction Specialists Inc. From beginning to end of the project it was nothing but a pleasant experience. J&J Construction Specialists is a family owned and operated group of people that actually care about what they do. They are talented and honest, get the job done on schedule and with in budget. I could not recommend them any higher, and invite anyone to call me and see how they completed my project at any time. The job they did on my home speaks for itself.

Deborah Fields

J&J Construction recently completed a 600sq ft addition above our garage. We are very pleased with the product, and even more importantly, we were pleased with the process.

Our project did not have an easy start. Jay was so thorough and easy to work with during the bidding process and even through the architectural drawings, things were going well. However, when we applied for a permit, we learned we needed a variance. After months of research we were denied the variance. With Jay’s, Jack’s and Walt’s support, we did end up reversing that decision. Imagine our surprise when after all those months of uncertainty, Jack told us we could start within the week.

No construction is easy to live through, But the J&J team was professional and good to work with throughout. Before each “big step” they offered a last chance to make certain adjustments and were highly knowledgeable about their area of the project. we don’t recall any instant when we asked about a change or an element when we were later surprised because someone over looked a detail. Specific changes we made as a result of Jack’s or tradesmen’s suggestions include heating a bathroom floor (since the garage was unheated); reconfiguring the extra bathroom and the bedroom closet to allow for better furniture placement, and optimal use of the hall closet space. Each of these mid-project adjustments made the addition one that we are completely happy with- with no “we wish we had…” thoughts lingering on.

The workers were all polite, pleasant and professional. We truly felt that they cared about the workmanship and our overall satisfaction with the outcome. They let us know when we needed to make decision, but they did not pressure us into making quick ones just to move on. We felt they understood this was a major project for us and we would be living with it for a long time. Furthermore, they respected our living space, cleaning the construction area daily and took care not to damage or dirty the house more than absolutely necessary. In fact, recently a friend asked us what we wished could have been reasonably different during the planning and construction and we couldn’t think of an answer.

We would recommend J&J Construction to a friend who is looking for construction work. And, if we were ever to do a major project again, they would be the first (and maybe only) contractor we would call.

Mark and Deanna Jacobsen

Dear Jay

The enormity of apprehension that accompanies a home addition can be quite intimidating. Factor into that the amount of money you’re spending and it becomes almost paralyzing. This is when you need some good fortune. Ours came in black trucks with J&J written on the sides.

We can’t complement you enough on the performance of your company and people. Living through the addition built onto our home was made tolerable as a result of the level of professionalism and conscientiousness of your tradesmen, particularly Kyle, Matt and Doug who we looked forward to arriving at our home each morning.

Our project was completed timely and within our cost parameters. I would not hesitate to recommend J&J Construction to anyone who is considering an addition to their home. Lastly a special thanks to Jay Motley who ran our project and dealt with our whims and concerns on almost a daily basis.

Please feel free to use us for a reference and if necessary we would be glad to show your work in our home.

Many Thanks and Regards,

Bruce and Randy Glass

J&J Construction,

Thank You very much for the wonderful Harry & David gift basket you sent us for Christmas! We loved it! We have so enjoyed working with such a great company and are thrilled with your work. Thank You for making this stressful project go so smoothly for us.


Brigid & Brett Hite

To potential clients of J&J Construction,

We felt it was important to express our appreciation to Jay, John, Jack, Shelly and their workman, in particular Kyle, Danny and Matt for the wonderful job they did on the extensive remodel of our home. I say extensive, because essentially, J&J removed the roof and second floor of our house, removed all the partitions on the first floor as well as all the electrical and mechanical systems, and built a new second floor along with adding a third floor with all new systems. The project included removing all the aluminum siding and replacing it with brick and cedar, installing high-end custom counter tops and cabinets, hardwood floors and a walk out bay window that serves as our breakfast nook. A custom ceiling was installed in the dinning room, vaulted ceilings in the master and guest bedrooms, and vaulted ceilings with skylights in the master and second bathrooms. Fireplaces were added in the family room and the master bedroom. All this work was professionally thought through and completed to our complete satisfaction and joy. The work was truly extensive and the results were better than we had expected.

We had heard all the horror stories regarding house construction prior to starting our home project and are aware of several others horror stories just in our neighborhood since completing our project. As time has past, we have become more appreciative of our experience, an experience that never left us feeling alone, but always feeling like we were in partnership with people that had our best interest at heart.

To describe our experience, it first begins with communication. Jay was our point person for construction and Shelly for materials ordering. These people are incredibly responsive and responsible. I could always get a hold of either of these people and talk with them daily. Building a home or completing an extensive remodeling project is an interactive process. Things change, new ideas come up, challenges arise; there was not a day I did not touch bases with Jay, and some days five times or more. Jay was always available, always responsive and amazingly always positive about working through whatever came our way. Similarly, Shelly was responsive, knowledgeable and encouraging in making all our numerous materials selections- Her patients was much appreciated.

With regards to their construction knowledge and workmanship, we were very pleased. J&J’s crew had worked together for a long time, knew each other well and knew the ins and outs of what they were doing. By example, this team had removed our roof and second floor, framed the second and third floor, and had it re-roofed and shingled in a matter of four days. From what I could tell, the workmanship was very good. What I particularly appreciated were several suggested framing and architectural changes that Jay and his workmen made to me in the field, which actually took them a bit more time, but made the house look and work better. This gave us a true sense that they were taking pride in their work and cared about creating a home with which we would be happy.

Along the way, we ran into several construction issues and cost increases (all of the cost increases were the result of changes that we made to the scope of the work). These are often the times when contractors will take advantage of the homeowner. During all of these discussions and negotiations. I did not once feel that I was being taken advantage of. Jay was forthright, honest and amenable and all our issues were worked out to both our satisfaction. What more could we ask for!

The J&J Construction crewmembers were professional, respectful and pleasant. Over the course of the project we developed a relationship with several of the guys. As work was completed, and the final finishes were in place, these workman took care not to damage floors, walls, cabinets and countertops.

One year after completion of our home, we provided J&J with a short list of items, which we wished them to fix or adjust under the one year warranty. These items were quickly taken care of to our complete satisfaction.

All in all, our home construction experience was a good one, which we here is very unique. We feel fortunate to have selected J&J Construction, and are more than willing to write and sign our name to this letter of recommendation in hopes that their good work will benefit their business in future work.


Tim and Melissa Hoeppner

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